Make sure straw supplies last the winter

Livestock farmers worried that their supplies of bedding straw could run out if the wet conditions delay spring turn-out should consider using mechanical spreading to reduce straw usage.

Switching from manual to mechanical spreading with a Spread-a-Bale can save anything up to 30% of straw usage, says Tom Robinson, UK Sales Manager for the company:

“If the current wet conditions persist, then many farmers may have to keep livestock housed for longer than they have planned, and there could be real pressure on straw stocks.

“Exact savings depend on the previously used spreading method, but we have users who can quote anything up to 30% reductions in straw usage.

“That is achievable because the Spread-a-Bale strips entire straw out of the bale – rather than chopping or shredding it, it as many competitor machines do – so it forms a better quality bed that keeps animals clean and healthy for much longer. As a result, users don’t have to spread fresh straw as frequently.

“Wastage is also reduced. Many users report that they no longer find wads of fresh, still yellow straw in the manure when they much out sheds, as they used to when the bedded down manually”.