Round Bale/Square Bale/De-Baling

Spread-a-Bale is a truly self-loading machine that can be used to spread all sizes of both round bales and square bales, with the Model Selector helping users select which model is best suited to their needs.

It is increasingly being used for to de-baling straw in a range of livestock housing and other materials for other uses.

Hundreds of Spread-a-Bale users will confirm that the machine has proven its worth on their units, with dairy and beef farmers being able to prove straw savings of 30% and time savings over manual spreading of 30%, thanks in part to its self-loading capability.

Importantly, because the machines can handle all sizes of both round bales and square bales, those needing to buy in bedding straw are not restricted in their choice of which type of bales purchase.

And it is also helping many other types of farm save both time and costs – including major pig units across the world; as well as farms rearing species like goats and ducks.

The machine is increasingly popular, for distributing horse bedding, as well as in other agricultural applications like distributing straw as frost cover for ground grown fruit crops, pollution and odour control and land stabilisation.

Spread-a-Bale is also used for de-baling straw in a range of industrial uses, such as mulching landscaped areas; preparing straw for use in power stations and in recycling situations where waste that has been tight packed for transport needs to be spread out for processing.

Gain control of your straw usage and improve your unit’s profitability with a Spread-a-Bale.


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